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Cars & LCVs

Fleet Monitoring and Management


The OBDII is an intelligent

on-board diagnostic device compatible with passenger and commercial vehicles.

It features plug-and-play technology and reads diagnostic information from the vehicle ECU, as well as capturing location data, which is sent to a back-end server for real-time remote diagnostic and tracking purposes.




  • Real time tracking

  • Read diagnostic data, including vehicle speed, RPM, ECT etc.

  • Read diagnostic trouble codes and freeze frame data

  • Mileage statistics

  • Fuel consumption statistics

  • Driving behaviour monitoring, including speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh deceleration, excessive engine idle time etc.

  • Support passenger car / heavy duty / tracker mode

  • Up to 24,000 GPS data storage

  • Data reporting according to time interval, distance and heading change

  • Ignition on/off detection

  • External relay control for ignition circuit and fuel pump

  • Vehicle battery monitor

  • Base station ID report (when no GPS signal)

  • Internal battery for unplug notification

  • SMS alarm to user phone

  • Connect backend server via domain or IP address

  • Google Map link in location SMS

  • OTA FW update

Operational Visibility
  • Engine on/off

  • High engine coolant temperature

  • Speeding

  • High RPM

  • Harsh acceleration

  • Harsh brake

  • Sharp turn

  • Quick lane change

  • Crash

  • Low battery voltage

  • Excessive engine idle time

  • Towed

  • Vibration

  • Plug indication

  • Unplug notification

  • Fatigue driving

  • MIL on/off

  • Emergency

  • Fleet management and vehicle tracking

  • Car service shop

  • Vehicle insurance

  • Car rental



Fleet Management for Heavy Trucks And Buses


SFMS is a versatile device ready to meet the latest technological needs. SFMS includes a CANbus interface, GSM/GPRS communication, Interface to all thermographs and reefers as well as GPS navigation.


SFMS uses a Quad Band Modem to offer a universal high-speed solution anywhere in the world. The GPS receiver is capable of receiving 56 channels and can get a fix in less than a second.

Tachograph remote downloading is suitable for VDO 1.3a and Stoneridge 7.0 versions and above. SFMS system downloads tachograph and driver’s card data remotely on time, with only one company card connected in one vehicle or at your office.

SFMS also provides digital inputs and outputs, hands-free voice communication, digital temperature probes and external communications buses that extend its telematic possibilities.


GSM/GPRS Features


  • E-GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz

  • GPRS Class 10 (Up to 4Rx / 2Tx)

  • SMS receive/send

  • GSM antenna inside

GPS Features
  • 56 channel receiver

  • Navigate down to -160dBm and -147dBm coldstart

  • Anti-jamming technology

  • Integrated supply for active 3.3V GPS antenna

  • Antenna fault detection (open and short-circuit)

  • Acquisition time: Cold/Warm Start 29s – Hot/Aided Start <1s

  • Horizontal position accuracy: Autonomous 2.5 m – SBAS 2.0 m

  • Power supply: 8 to 30Vdc

  • GSM in call + GPS acquiring + CPU max 2W

  • Idle mode <0.2W: Less power consumption is firmware configurable

External Interfaces
  • 2x RS232 (Thermograph, reefer, RFID reader…)

  • 1x CANbus wired (Digital tachograph and peripherals)

  • 1x iButton bus up to 16 temperature or ID sensors

  • 2x fully protected inputs up to 30Vdc software configurable active-low active-high

  • 2x fully protected open collector output 2A @30V

  • 1x SIMcard reader

  • 1x eSIM (optional internal SIM and GPRS service)

  • 1x Hands free speaker output (2W)

  • 1x Hands free microphone input (Elect)

  • 1x J1708 bus (suitable for Volvo & Renault trucks)

  • 1x K-line (suitable for tachograph D8 interface)

  • 1x Analogue input (0 – 30V, in common with TLMIN1)

Internal Interfaces
  • 3-axis Accelerometer (16G) suitable for movement detection and crash recording (optional)

  • 4MB Internal Flash file system for data storage

  • 95/54/EC/E4, CISPR25.13

  • ISO11452-2, ISO11452-4, ISO11989

  • EMC 2004/108/CE – EN 61000-6-1:2007 EMC – EN 61000-6-2:2005 EMC – EN 61000-6-3:2007 EMC

  • CE Mark

Environmental & Mechanical
  • Storage temperature: – 40°C to + 125°C

  • Operating temperature: – 40°C to +85°C

  • IP51 PP case: 110 x 65 x 20mm

  • Weight: 70g

Peripheral Observations
  • Internal battery, keeps track of power loss or manipulation for up to 3 days (included by default)

  • External battery (optional)

  • CANbus contactless interface (see manual for further information - not available in lite version)

Reefers & Containers

Tracking, Monitoring and Control Solutions for Refrigerated Assets; ensure temperature compliance, fuel and warranty cost savings as well as improved asset utilisation.


ReeferTrak is an application for transportation companies that monitors and controls refrigerated assets. The ReeferTrak solution uses our devices and the ReeferTrak application to help ensure temperature compliance, fuel and warranty cost savings as well as improved asset utilisation.

ReeferTrak for Cold Chain

Real Time Alerts


  • Receive real time alerts when issues occur—a reefer’s temperature is outside the normal range, a unit is turned off, low battery levels are detected and more

Operational Visibility
  • Get complete visibility of every aspect of your reefer operation—ensure reefers are set to the right temperature and state, monitor modes of operation, fuel consumption, trailer delivery, dwell times, engine hours and battery status

Total Control & Complete Reefer Support
  • Monitor and control a reefer’s temperature remotely with the system’s two-way capabilities

  • With reliable, two-way interfaces for every type of reefer unit, ReeferTrak delivers one of the most effective wireless refrigeration management tools available in the industry. Our ReeferTrak solution can be used on reefers, heaters, gensets, multi-temps, intermodal, containers and dry van trailers

Advanced Reporting
  • Improve operational efficiency with advanced reports to track engine health and hours of operation, geofences, inventory management and more. Leverage historical sensor data and run interactive graphs for one or more parameters for advanced data analysis and more efficient business planning

  • ReeferTrak makes it easy for customers to create geofences and assign them to specific refrigerated assets. Customers receive notifications when vehicles enter or exit a specific geographical location or when dwelling times at a location are exceeded

High-Performance Analytics
  • Fuel usage reports and summaries, refuel events and geofence fuel usage reports enable cost savings through optimisation

  • Refuel Transaction Analysis make it possible to identify any discrepancies between fuel invoices and actual refills

  • Rapid Fuel Loss reports help detect theft

ReeferTrak can be used as a stand-alone solution or easily integrated with existing enterprise applications for added convenience. The application works within a company’s dispatch, order generation or planning systems.

The ReeferTrak solution currently supports our RT 6000+, providing visibility and control to dispatch and operations centres, maintenance organisations and operation managers of transportation companies.


Data is transmitted from the field to the application over cellular and/or satellite networks to deliver true global connectivity.

Dry Goods


Smarter trailer tracking and logistics; industry-leading tracking and monitoring solutions for transportation assets.


CargoWatch is a high-performance trailer tracking application optimising logistics/ freight management solutions for transportation service providers operating a dry van and mixed dry van/refrigerated fleets. This state-of-the-art application uses IoT’s leading-edge trailer tracking devices to deliver visible fleet status and exception reporting for fleet optimisation and improved ROI.


Smart Tracking Solutions For a Wide Range of Tracking Applications


  • Dry van

  • Fixed assets

  • Fracking operations

  • Dry containers

  • Trucking (TL)

  • Other unpowered assets

Advanced Reporting Capabilities
  • Advanced reporting on trailer loading, unloading, fixed or mobile asset monitoring, logistics, cargo sensing, door and gate transactions, dwelling times, engine hours, mileage, asset utilisation and more

Labour & Fuel Savings
  • Reduce out-of-route miles and fuel cost

  • Eliminate labour for yard checks

  • Reduce driver time and fuel looking for trailers

  • Reduce dead-heading

Increase Trailer Efficiency & Security
  • Optimise trailer utilisation

  • Reduce trailer dwell time with daily/weekly reports

  • Improve turn time by location

  • Create valuable reports for operations

  • Reduce theft with trailer lockdown

  • Clear measurement of chain of custody and planning

CargoWatch delivers near real-time alerts on trailer status, location, history, arrival/departure and load status, helping to significantly improve operational efficiency, fuel and maintenance costs, as well as cargo security.

With enhanced visibility into freight management operations, including load/ unload, pick-up and other key events, transportation companies are able to provide just-in-time delivery services and accurate ETAs for improved customer service and satisfaction.

As part of a comprehensive solution that integrates devices, sensors, connectivity and mobile applications, CargoWatch enables access to critical information for efficient management of transportation assets whether on land, rail or at the yard.



Heavy Equipment Monitoring and Management

IoT’s heavy equipment solution provides fleet owners with instant access to key operational data and engine diagnostics using IoT’s leading-edge devices and the FleetEdge application. Data is transmitted from equipment around the globe back to the application via satellite or cellular networks for around the clock operational visibility.


Custom Views & Favourites

  • Use filters and customise the application to display only information that is relevant to your organisation. Assign favourites for enhanced monitoring efficiency

  • Asset Location

  • Know where your assets are at any time

Scheduled & Custom Reports
  • Schedule periodic equipment status, utilisation and productivity reports to track engine hours and other operational metrics

  • Create custom reports from a wide range of sensor data collected from field assets

Event-Based Alerts & Maintenance Scheduling
  • Receive real time alerts via text and email when specific conditions are detected or thresholds are exceeded - engine warnings, geofence and timefence violations, low battery alerts and more

  • Set thresholds to monitor equipment performance, manage maintenance schedules and receive notifications of upcoming service appointments to enable preventative maintenance

Multi-Language Support & Multi-Level Access
  • FleetEdge supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Arabic and Hebrew

  • Restrict access to different people in the organisation based on roles for complete  flexibility and control

Camera Telematics

Advanced Car Security Technology


Avoid "cash for crash”, manage your claims and reduce costs, protect your brand and reputation, optimise productivity and improve driver performance.

3G Smart Camera

Avoid “Cash for Crash”

  • Generate instant reports, get notifications regarding landmarks and points of interest, manage real-time traffic or obstacle alerts, set up triggers based on geo-fencing, manage user accounts, and benefit from historical playback services

Optimise Productivity
  • The IoT 3G Smart Camera optimises your businesses performance by supporting functions such as path playback, real-time vehicle tracking, geo-fencing capability, IMEI scanning, and more

Protect Your Brand and Reputation
  • Secure yourself against illegitimate third party claims by checking video recordings from APP, store recordings on a TF card for easy access, and live monitor the vehicle's surroundings. Also supports loop recording. The IoT 3G Smart Camera allows you to know everything that happens to your vehicle, at all times

Improve Driver Performance​​
  • Monitor driver activity, assist drivers with sudden traffic events, and record other driver's behaviour on the road
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