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Using the IoT asset tracking system, all vehicles within our client's facilities were tracked with a unique identifier and read in real-time using IoT's distributed antenna system (DAS) without the need for line-of-sight. The client was given real-time visibility of their vehicles for the first time, allowing them to reduce the time taken to process vehicles throughout the refurbishment process and to sell their refurbished assets more quickly. 

Warehousing & Logistics


The IoT software platform allows warehouse managers and fleet operators to track, monitor and manage their assets in real-time and to monitor the condition, location and delivery of product to the end customer providing real-time item level visibility across the supply chain.



The IoT software platform includes a comprehensive automated tracking and management system that can be utilised to track hospital patients, equipment and inventory utilising a combination of RFID, SigFox, WiFi and Barcode technologies. Patients can be linked to their ward and even individual beds providing higher levels of service and patient security and significantly reducing capex costs.



The IoT software platform was deployed and all linen in the hotel was replaced with linen embedded with RFID tags. Fixed RFID readers installed at hotel shipping doors enabled the hotel to count pallets of dirty linen as they were being shipped to the laundry. As pallets of linen were being sent out, it was counted and classified into sheets, pillow cases etc.


With RFID deployed at the item level to cover 100% of the SKUs needed to complete order fulfillment, smart processes are introduced that leverage the picking process of the ERP system, as well as the recipe process of the recipe system, to provide a single version of the inventory at all points in time.

Rental Equipment

Using the IoT asset tracking system, all the prop and lighting equipment in our client's Hollywood warehouse was tracked with a unique identifier and read in real-time using IoT's distributed antenna system (DAS) without the need for line-of-sight. The client was given real-time asset visibility for the first time providing significant productivity gains and cost reductions. 


IoT installed its fully integrated item-level inventory tracking solution for its client using the IoT Retail cloud software solution together with best of breed hardware and RFID labels enabling real-time tracking of inventory, stock replenishment and in-store security resulting in significant improvements in productivity, sales and cost reduction.


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